Students in Herkimer County head back to school

By WKTV News

While a touch humid and with some rain scattered throughout the area on Wednesday morning, numerous students throughout Herkimer County headed back to school.

Students get together their new clothes, new backpacks, and parents tearfully wave goodbye as their children head off onto the bus or into the school building for that new chapter of their lives.

"Took my 5 year old to his dry run of Kindergarten," said Nicole Kenniston. "He came home and had a fever of 103.3. Guess he doesn't want to start school just yet."

Anita Kojetin said she also took her 5 year old son on his dry run for kindergarten.

"Everything was going well," she said. "Until we had to do a craft. He wanted to play. He was so shy. All in all, a good day."

Kaleena Leanord didn't need to wax nostalgic for a shocking first-day of school sight. She said she was Frankfort High School on Wednesday when she saw a van pull out of a parking space at the High School and a kitten fall from beneath the vehicle. She said the kitten ran off, seemingly unharmed, but still worries about who the owner might be. "I hope that the kitten did not belong to some little child in the van. Or if any one is missing one, It was a calico, I believe although it happened so fast so I cannot be sure." If you are the driver of the van and know whose kitten it could be, or are the owner, yourself, please email us at so we can get you in touch with Kaleena for more details.

As the leaves turn color and another season begins to fade away to the sands of time, many start to feel nostalgic for their own schools days.

Wendy Mitchell said she remembered missing the bus because on the first day of school once because she was at her grandparents home while her parents were at hospital with her sister. "Grandma took me to the wrong class," she said. "Got a do-over the next day."

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