Students react to "Bully" documentary


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Parents, students and members of the community gathered at Utica College Thursday night to watch the documentary "Bully." The showing was part of an 8 week film series of Utica College that Utica's Arts West Alliance, a local grassroots organization teamed up with seeing that more bullying awareness is needed in the community.

The documentary tells the story of 5 bullied students and their parents' opinions that their schools didn't do enough.

Many students watching said that they have seen the bullying in schools or were even bullied themselves, and they feel that more movies like this are needed.

"A lot of children don't realize the significance of how bullying affects other children in their schools and I feel like by not showing them they don't realize the damage that it's causing," said Stephanie Dew, a Utica College Junior.

"It shows exactly what happens in the schools, the parents' reactions, the youth perspective, so it's very important that we get that out there to show the true story," said Harmony Speciale representing the Utica Arts West Alliance.

As a local legislator, Speciale says she got involved in trying to spread more bullying awareness with events like the film screening after many of her constituents came to her with stories of their kids being bullied. She hopes to bring more events and programs to the community.

Some students leaving the documentary showing said it made them rethink some ways they've even talked to other students growing up.

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