Survey shows Cornhill's image is improving


(WKTV) - A local neighborhood with a bad rap is turning a new leaf, so says a recent survey of its residents.

The Home Ownership Center conducted a survey of homes on the edge of Cornhill and it showed some positive improvement on how the residents in that area feel about their community.

The survey showed: More than 87 percent say they're either somewhat satisfied or very satisfied with their neighborhood; 59 percent expect to see more positive change in the future.

But, it's not all good news, nearly 47 percent don't feel safe walking at night.

Officials with the city's Urban Renewal office say that the change in community sentiment is largely due to the area's both cultural and religious diversity.

Gene Allen, marketing director with the Urban Renewal Agency, is a life long resident of Cornhill he says the survey helps to "dispel" some of the myths plaguing the community.

"We're kind of the kicking dog for the city," said Allen. "But, if you live there, you raise your family, you know the neighbors and it's a good neighborhood in which to live."

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