Syracuse fans hoping for a Championship game


NEW YORK CITY (WKTV) - Syracuse basketball fans in New York City get to enjoy at least one more game Friday night.

The Syracuse Orange had a nail-biting win Thursday, so on Friday they will play a major rival in the UConn Huskies.

Last time the Orange and the Huskies met in New York City, they played one of the greatest basketball games ever, a six overtime thriller.

Syracuse eventually won that game.

On Friday, fans are hoping for a game just as good, with a Syracuse win to get them into the championship

Syracuse fans left Madison Square Garden very happy Thursday night, just a year after the Orange disappointed fans in this very tournament. Now it's on to the semi-finals, where Syracuse will play UConn, a team they already beat once this year.

Fans from the Mohawk Valley, like Vinny LoRusso of Utica, are excited their trip includes at least two games. With that said, he is still hoping for a third game - a championship game on Saturday.

LoRusso was at the six-overtime game, and thinks a win Friday, no matter how close, will be just as good

"I want a blow out," LoRusso said. "I would like to take it to UCONN pretty good. You can't go in to, not in the Big East, you can't go in expecting that. I always expect Syracuse to do very well. I expect them to win every game. I think anything less than a championship would be a little bit of a disappointment. A Big East Championship, absolutely."

The Orange and the Huskies will play for the 13th time in Big East Tournament history, with Syracuse leading that series 7 to 5.

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