Teen, student, candidate?

By WKTV News

NEW YORK MILLS, N.Y. (WKTV) - When he's not doing homework and preparing for his freshman year at Utica College in the fall, New York Mills senior Jonathan Fiore is busy running his campaign for New York Mills School Board. 
"I figured why let my age hold me back? If anything it's kind of an incentive to people because I have fresher experience with our education system, I've got a really good working relationship with the teachers and administration and I've got a good connection with most of the community," says Fiore.
The teen says watching the process of trying to terminate one of his coaches made him want to run for one of the two available school board seats.
"If I get involved in this, maybe I can make a difference and help things to stay on track and let less personal issues come to point on the school board," says Fiore. 
Fiore is using money he earns from his two jobs to pay for palm cards and campaign signs.
"Because I realize that being as young as I am, I need to make my campaign appear as professional as possible so that way the people understand that I'm not doing this as a joke or some type of protest; that I'm serious about what I want to do."
Eventually, Fiore plans to attend law school and become a CPA. He says future runs for office are possible. 

Fiore is also holding a fundraiser with his 'running mate', candidate David Comenale, in May. Also running: Steve King and Jim Fellone. The New York Mills School Board election is May 20. 

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