Current representatives Tenney, Lopez, Butler, Magee will return to NYS Assembly


(WKTV) - Incumbent representatives for the New York State Assembly has a successful night Tuesday.

101st Assembly
Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney (R) is the projected winner in her race. She had nearly 65% of the vote.

Shortly after the polls closed she was already talking about some things she'd like to get to work on, including Medicaid.

"Trying to reform medicaid and cut it down. That's the biggest cost cutter to our state government, running at a rate of about a billion dollars a week. It an important program but we can find ways to trim that program and eliminate some of the fraud and waste," said Tenney.

Her opponent Dan Carter (D) had nearly 35% of the vote with most of the precincts reporting Tuesday.

102nd Assembly
Incumbent Assemblyman Peter Lopez (R) had a commanding lead Tuesday night over challenger James Miller (D).

Lopez had about 67% over Miller's 33% Tuesday night.

118th Assembly
Current Assemblyman Marc Butler will serve another term, this time in the newly-created 118th Assembly District.

Butler finished the night with nearly 70% of the votes, with all of the precincts reporting in the district.

"You know, it's been very interesting because I am a long-term incumbent and I must say my opponent was very aggressive and it forced me to go out and do a lot of door-to-door and I talked to a lot of people and you know what it was kind of energizing to talk to people hear what they had to say," said Butler.

"It's been a great campaign. It's been a great experience. I met a lot of people, visited a lot of new places. I've had a tremendous amount of positive feedback but the problem is it's such a large district you can not physically meet everybody," said Chilelli.

The new 118th Assembly District encompasses all of Hamilton County, along with parts of St. Lawrence County, Herkimer County, Oneida County and Fulton County.

121st Assembly
Longtime Assembly Bill Magee (D) also was victorious Tuesday night with a significant lead over challenger Levi Spires (R).

Magee had 61% over Spires' 39%.

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