Tenney continues to challenge incumbent Richard Hanna to debate

By WKTV News

Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney is challenging incumbent U.S. Rep. Richard Hanna to a debate in the race for the seat for the 22nd Congressional District.

Tenney says Hanna has flat-out refused to debate the issues with her, even declining her in-person requests.

Tenney had a news conference Wednesday to tell voters that she's not the reason they are not seeing a debate of the issues that impact their lives.

"My opponent continues to tell everyone he can't debate me because I'm not an honest person, but let the voters decide in a public forum who's telling the truth," Tenney said. "And I really believe that it's something that should happen in this race, it's so important. This is a winner-take-all primary essentially."

Jennifer Battista from the Hanna for Congress campaign said, "You can't debate someone who has no capacity to tell the truth. Assemblywoman Tenney is operating a dishonest campaign and is running for two offices at once."

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