"The Depression Boys" and locals learn about the State Police Canine Unit


HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) - Folks gathered at the Folts home in Herkimer on Tuesday for the monthly Depression Boys get-together which featured Jesse Davis, State Trooper and Bloodhound handler in Troop D and his four-legged friend, Sassy.

The Depression Boys are a group of five men who lived through the depression era and get together on the first of each month at the Folts home for a special breakfast and to listen to a guest speaker.

Davis spoke not only about himself and his job but mostly about his girl, Sassy. He explained to the folks about Sassys beginning, how she got her name along with what the two do as a pair. Sassy's job is to find missing or wanted people for State Police.

He believes the interest in him and sassy is from many of The Depression Boys and other folks earlier days in the service. Sassy provided some entertainment with her long tongue and happy eyes but what Davis conveyed is the tough job that she does.

"We look for a dog that's going to be playful so when we introduce this game to them its fun so when they find narcotics they aren't looking for narcotics they are looking for toys but we made their toys smell like those things that we want...same thing with bombs...just odor recognition..when they have fun they will do it over and over and over."

The New York State Police Canine Unit consists of blood hounds, german sheppard's, rottweilers and labs that each do a different job.

Davis said a dog that saves just one life during their time in the canine unit makes all of the training they go through worth-while.

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