The Otsego County Sheriff's Department is investigating sexual abuse allegations at Cooperstown Central School

By WKTV News

COOPERSTOWN, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Otsego County Sheriff's Office is investigating allegations of sexual assault among football players at Cooperstown Central School. Four players report that they were the victims of "cruel and twisted" behavior by fellow teammates.

"My son was tackled first, held down by two kids and one dropped his pants and put his butt in his face along with his genitals and stuff. They all had a pretty good laugh about it," said the father. He says his son was one of the players assaulted by senior teammates.

The father, along with other concerned parents, showed up at a Board of Education meeting Wednesday night to voice their concerns. "My son and I just want to make sure this never happens to another student again," said the man. "We want to make sure the school is going to do something." He is currently deciding whether to press charges against the perpetrators.

C.J. Hebert, the Superintendent of the Cooperstown Central School District, says he learned of the sexual assault allegations from the Otsego County Sheriff's Department on Wednesday. Hebert says the school district is fully cooperating with the investigation. In the meantime, he wants students to understand this type of behavior is unacceptable. "We will look into our overall program K-12 and ensure that the message that hazing is not tolerated will be heard loud and clear," says Hebert.

Hebert says he is waiting for the full results of the investigation before the school takes any action.

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