The public weighs in on redeveloping Frankfort's waterfront


FRANKFORT, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Village and Town of Frankfort held a public meeting Tuesday night, looking for the community's input in redeveloping their waterfront. The public outreach, Step 1 in the New York State Department of State's Brownfield Opportunity Area Program.

About two dozen residents filled Frankfort Village Hall eager to hear about what could be done to redevelop the Town and Village's waterfront area. The approximately 470 acre area located between Main Street and the Mohawk River is centered around the former Union Tools site.

"What's unique about it is half of it's vacant it's got nothing on it and as far as we know it doesn't have a lot of contaminiation," said Keith Ewald, Consultant and Landscape Architect with Barton & Longuidice. "The former Union Tools site does, we know that it's a known contaminated site but the village has kind of been taken through this process, they see it as an opportunity to redevelop it."

The focus of Tuesday's meeting was to determine how residents feel and what they would like to see done.

"My big concern is keeping future generations here, I think we need to bring in something that will be residual, something that will last for years and years and keep my kids and my kids' kids here in the community," said Frankfort resident Scott Grates.

Other points brough up include improving and building upon Frankfort's waterfront marina, trying to complement rather than compete with other projects already in the works, bringing better access to the area, and getting the former Union Tools site finally cleaned up.

Project consultants were happy with the community's response.

"I think everyone here is pretty energized I think by virtue of them just showing up shows that there is interest and this is basically just a mechanism to foster and facilitate that process," said Ewald.

Everyone at Tuesday's meeting was asked to create their own vision and goals for Frankfort's waterfront area and submit them to consultants and officials to then formulate a plan from.

Anyone interested is encouraged to email ideas by the end of next week to Frankfort Village Clerk Karlee Tamburro at Or consultant Keith Ewald at

Organizers say they will hold another public meeting in February summing up the community's input. Applications for funding are due March 15th.

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