The room gets heated at a town meeting in Clinton


CLINTON, N.Y. (WKTV) - People in the town of Clinton may have felt a vibrate or two and heard some screams on Monday, but it wasn't an was a town meeting held in Clinton's Municipal Building in regards to years of damage to properties because of rising creeks.

The meeting got heated and remarks flew left and right, pointing the blame at one another. Remarks about property value, flooding and the future of the people in attendance's properties came into play, and there were mixed responses from town officials, legislators and even a representative from the Department of Environmental Conservation.

Disgruntled resident's expressed how they felt misunderstood.

John Paulson, a Clinton resident, former town supervisor and judge said when he bought homes in Clinton, there was no creek in his backyard, just land...and that has changed drastically over the years.

"This has just been a frustrating thing with the DEC they are more concerned with the fish then about protecting property and I am a tax payer I pay 25 grand a year in taxes... my sewer and water is doubled because I am outside the village limit at $6,000 so you can see i should have some return on the investment in the township ."

FEMAS recent announcement about not helping individuals who had property damage from the flood doesn't affect Paulson. He owns multiple properties, all of which he rents, making him a "business," allowing him to receive aid from FEMA.

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