Those who work outdoors have no choice but to deal with heat


There are some people throughout the area who do not have the luxury of spending time indoors during hot summer days.

As temperatures soared, contractors at the F.X. Matt Brewery in Utica on Wednesday made sure they stayed hydrated and took frequent breaks as they built, dig, and bulldozed all day as the sun's rays beat down.

In New Hartford, contractors began their days laying black top earlier in the morning and ended earlier in the afternoon.

"It just wears you out faster," said Marc Green of Modern Concrete and Paving. "You are out here, five hours, it feels like a 10 hour day, it really does. It wears you right out, to the point when you go home, you appreciate that time at home and jump in front of the air conditioner."

Green, who works with his son, said they both take certain precautions, like constantly stopping for water breaks to ensure they stay hydrated.

"Just, on hot days like this, you try and plan for it." said Green. "You drink and if you know it is going to be this bad, you do something small, enough to stay busy, make sure everyone gets paid but don't destroy them because you need them tomorrow."

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