Three area sheriffs honored with Champion for Children Award

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - Three local sheriffs celebrated a big award Tuesday.

Oneida County Sheriff Rob  Maciol, Herkimer County Sheriff Chris Farber and Madison County Sheriff Allen Riley all received the Champion for Children Award from the Fight Crime: Invest in Kids organization.

They are the only three in New York State to be recognized for their work in educating children at a young age and keeping them out of the jail system. Efforts include support for school resource officers, the DARE program and putting an emphasis on early education programs.

"A long-term study of Michigan's Perry Preschool found that at-risk children who did not participate in high-quality education programs were five times more likely to be chronic offenders by the age of 27 than the children who did attend preschool programs," said Maciol.

In Oneida County, it costs $25 million a year to run the 632-bed jail. the Invest in Kids organization examines what prevent children from becoming criminals, and then shares that information with policymakers.

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