Three-car accident in New Hartford allegedly caused by sleeping driver

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - A three-car accident Sunday in New Hartford was caused when a driver allegedly fell asleep, New Hartford Police say.

The accident happened at the corner of Burrstone Road and Champlin Avenue around 3:45 p.m. Sunday. According to officials, Berry A. Seymour, 19, of Chittenango was driving a Chrysler Sebring westbound on Burrstone when he fell asleep.

As he approached the intersection of Champlin Avenue, his passenger, Brandon Schachtler, 19, of Waterville, yelled at him that there was red light, which woke Seymour. Seymour then swerved to the right to avoid a vehicle that was stopped on Burrstone for the red light.

Seymour's vehicle then drove through the red light, striking a Jeep driven by Ronald Dapre, 66, of Utica. Seymour's car continued to travel westbound, jumped the curb in front of Friendly's, slid sideways across the lawn an struck an unoccupied Dodge van that was parked in the Friendly's parking lot.

Schachtler was treated at the scene for a minor cut to his finger, but no other injuries were reported. Seymour was issued a traffic summons for moving from a lane unsafely and passing a red signal.

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