Time Warner Cable changes channels: Where to find WKTV

Time Warner Cable is changing the channel lineup of their higher-tier channels.

Subscribers to Time Warner Cable will have to get accustomed to a new lineup of channels starting June 18, with a gradual rollout until all homes are changed.

June 18 

June 20 
June 25 
Old Forge

WKTV (NBC) will now be on Time Warner digital channel 1215. The CW11 will be found on channel 1216. In the lower tier, most viewers can find WKTV on channel 2 or 4.

The other channels will be based on the genre of channel, with similar channels being placed in the same group.

Genre Starting at   Genre
Starting at
Entertainment Ch. 100   Movie Channels Ch. 600
Life & Style Ch. 160   Pay-Per-View + 3D Ch. 650
News & Info Ch. 200   Sports Packages Ch. 700
Kids & Teens Ch. 250   Latino Ch. 800
Music Ch. 285   On Demand Ch. 1000
Sports Ch. 300   Local Programming Ch. 1200
Inspiration Ch. 460   International Ch. 1400
Shopping Ch. 480   Adult Ch. 1800
Movies On Demand Ch. 500   Radio Ch. 1900
Premiums Ch. 510   TWC Info Ch. 1998

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