Toll increase for large vehicles could lead to spillover traffic into towns, villages


Teal's Express Inc. said the proposed 45 percent toll hike on the New York State Thruway would force their trucks to use back roads to evade paying the extra charges.

Therefore, residents in surrounding towns and villages could see increased traffic in their neighborhoods.

"More traffic, more business for everyone. I think it would be great," said Robert Treen, of West Winfield.

"I have a grandson down the road from us. That's a worry," said Bob Ludemann of East Winfield. "Any increase in commercial traffic down Route 20 is a cause of concern."

"Trucks bring business and industry to the area, so I think it's actually a good thing," said Paul Swayka of East Edmeston.

"They can come down this way, that way, doesn't matter to me, I guess," said Bernie Buloen, of West Winfield.

"I mean, I think it will be good for business," said Alyssa Lupinski of West Winfield. "Yeah, it will be a lot noisier, but we have a school here too and that is noisy, but I mean, as long as they are careful, that is totally fine."

The New York State Thruway Authority first needs to hold public hearings and more meetings before they can institute the 45 percent toll hike.

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