FORESTPORT, N.Y. (WKTV) - After almost a month's delay, Forestport Town Supervisor Bill Hasenauer has signed off on plans to reopen the town's Twin Bridges. The town board hired an attorney and was threatening to file an article 78 for Hasenauer not fulfilling his job if he didn't sign. In September town residents voted to proceed with spending up to $650,000 to reopen the iconic twin bridges. The town board then decided to proceed with Zangrilli Engineering of Whitesboro's one lane bridge design, however Hasenauer refused to sign off on it, still wanting a wider bridge or for the bridge to remain closed. Without the Town Supervisor's signature the bridge engineers could not move forward with any plans. Board members and those with the twin bridges committee were afraid Hasenauer's refusal would keep them from meeting their recommended deadline. "In the Zangrilli proposal there's a very succinct timeline we have to hit, we have to have the bridge documents and plans ready by February the 1st so they can be advertised and go out to bid March the 1st," said Parker Snead, Chairperson of the Twin Bridges Committee. Many concerned citizens showed up at Wednesdays town board meeting hoping to put extra pressure on Hasenauer to sign. The town hopes to have construction start by Spring of 2013.