Town of Marshall preparing temporary facility after loss of highway garage


MARSHALL, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Town of Marshall Highway Department is preparing to use a temporary facility to house their equipment until a new, permanent, facility is built.

The town has been without a highway garage since January when their old one burned down. Since that time, equipment has been stored in buildings at other highway garages in the area, mainly Sangerfield and Kirkland, according to Steven Lollman, the Town of Marshall Highway Superintendent.

Cement was poured into the temporary building on Wednesday to create a usable floor- a "great sight" for Marshall Highway Department employees, Lollman said. The last four months have been chaotic, confusing, and just a plain headache, Lollman added.

According to Lollman, employees have been clocking into work in the town building and then driving to other towns to get equipment only to come back to Marshall to do the work.

"This is definitely a first step back," Lollman said. "I have to say, it will be just an improvement, because now we can lay down and work on something, instead of being in the dirt. We can put a little office in the corner, they can be in, they can punch in down here instead of having to run up to there back and forth. It will just be a whole lot more convenient."

The town expects to complete construction on their new permanent garage some time in the Fall.

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