Tractor-trailer takes out 5 utility poles on Lincoln Ave


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) -- A tractor-trailer traveling down Lincoln Ave Monday afternoon left a path of destruction and about 150 people without power.

"The whole thing was just like crack, crack, crack, crack," said Shacorya Johnson, who lives next to Lincoln Ave.

That loud noise drew residents from their homes to see a chaotic scene. A tractor-trailer taking a left turn snagged a low hanging telephone wire so thick and heavy it pulled down five utility poles, cracking one completely in half.

"I'm just nervous, I'm just happy my kids weren't here thank you Lord that they're in Connecticut with my mom. This could've went a lot worse, could've been a lot worse," said Johnson.

As the truck kept driving, the wires came crashing making for a close call for people standing in the parking lot of the Tram Cafe.

"I saw these wires coming down over me. I  ran cursing and screaming a little bit and it was pretty apocolyptic," said Joseph Trankine, who was standing in the parking lot talking on the phone. "I was right underneath it. If I hadn't moved, the wires would've fell on me."

All bystanders and the driver made it out of the situation safely, but Trankine's car didn't fair as well.

"A good sized dent across the top and then it scratched my hood and across the side tops of the doors," he said. "I've been in Utica for less than 24 hours now. Just moved here for school. It's a good welcoming."

Utica police are on scene keeping residents at bay while National Grid crews work to restore power to 150 residents and the Tram Cafe.

"We had a few customers, now we have none. So it's going be unfortunate for a couple days. I think we might have to take a few days off which is sad for my employees and our business of course," said Robin Raabe, primary manager of the Tram Cafe.

The driver wouldn't speak on camera, but says he frequently takes that route and has never had a problem. Lincoln ave will be closed overnight and National Grid hopes the power will be back on sometime Tuesday.

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