Trailer of toys and money headed to Newtown


WHITESTOWN, N.Y. (WKTV) - Members of the Whitestown Police Department will travel to Newtown, Connecticut Friday morning with a trailer full of toys collected for Sandy Hook Elementary School Families. The Whitestown Police Benevolent Association hosted the drive, in less than four days collecting dozens of toys and $5,000 for the Newtown Community.

"As police officers we have the need and desire to help and as soon as it occurred that's what we thought, what could we do to assist?" said Whitestown Police Officer Frank McCully. "And we thought about the surviving kids, there's 436 surviving kids that went to sandy hook elementary so we organized a toy and fund drive to benefit them and their families."

Boy Scout Pack 93 eagerly helped officers load the trailer full of toys. The officers will also bring down about $5,000. $2,700 donated from MVCC, Utica College and Albany Street School faculty and staff the rest by residents.

"We're hoping to put a smile on the kids faces and it's Christmas time, its unfortunate that they have to worry about gun fire going on in their schools and their friends not making it, and we're hoping to put a little smile on their face to give them something to think about for Christmas time," said McCully.

Officers are also taking down green and white silicone bracelets designed by Eric Clark of Rome to give to every Newtown police officer and firefighter. In Sandy Hook School's colors they say, Band Together Newtown Connecticut 12-14-12.

"I think they're going to be amazed," said McCully. "They have a lot going on down there and we're not expected to stay for very long we're just going to drop off the stuff and go but we're going to a police department and they know we're coming we've been in communication with them, but they don't know everything that we're bringing."

The officers are set to leave Whitestown at 6 am. Friday morning in hopes of being in Newtown by 9:30 am.

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