Tree removal service companies busy from daylight to dusk

By Gary Liberatore

(WKTV) - Art Risucci has owned Art's Tree and Stump Removal Service for almost three decades.  Ironically he lives in Deerfield, just blocks away from what he calls the worst concentration of tree damage in the Greater Utica area he has ever seen.

A confirmed tornado touched down in Deerfield on Tuesday evening, just a block off of the town's busiest roadway, Walker Road.

Risucci has been out with his staff at homes on Walker Road., Wells Drive,  Glendale Place and Beaumond Place since the tornado struck, cutting down and removing trees.  He says these past two days have been the busiest two days business-wise he can remember.

"Over a hundred phone calls," he said.  "My wife's been taking the calls.  We can only do three, four jobs a day, so some people don't understand, some do.  But they're on a lot on houses, on garages, on cars, but we'll get them off."

Risucci says the tornado ripped trees in ways that make tree removal difficult and dangerous.

"It's a lot harder because they're twisted, they're broken, the saw is pinching in the cracks. They're hung up.  It's not like cutting a straight up-and-down tree. Now it's challenging.  A lot more rope, a lot more hanging on to things."

Risucci and the members of his staff aren't complaining about the extra work, but are looking forward to a day off.  With hundreds of trees down, they just don't know how soon that day off will come.

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