Trenton community voices their opinions on hydrofracking to town board


TRENTON, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Trenton Town Board held a public hearing Wednesday night on whether they should extend a moratorium on hydrofracking. Their current ban is set to expire February 22nd.

In the public hearing the town board wanted to see how residents were feeling about it being extended another 6 months.

Around 50 people showed up to share their opinions, many bringing facts, and data to support their statements of being strongly against the moratorium being lifted.

While the hydraulic fracturing has boosted communities' economies in other states, the residents at Wednesday's meeting said they don't want it there.

"Years ago when we moved here we had meetings like this about having a landfill, we're on an aquifer, how can they do hydrofracking here when we live on an aquifer," said Laura Kain. "They're going to contaminate the water system, it's going contaminate all the wells it just doesn't make any sense and it needs to be banned."

The town board is set to vote on extending the moratorium at their meeting next Wednesday. Many residents hope they consider extending the moratorium past six months, or ban the process from being allowed in Trenton all together.

"There were a lot of people here tonight that had a lot of figures and scientific facts to share, I hope the planning board who is asking for another extension ... I hope they listen to this because this is what we want," said Kain. "We want a ban, we do not want hydrofracking in the town of trenton ever."

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