Tri-State Industrial Laundries says tech work in CNY means big business for them


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The owners of Tri-State Industrial Laundries in Utica were thrilled to see the world's tech giants, including Intel, IBM and Samsung, pledge a $4.4 billion investment in research and development in upstate New York.

The dividend they're hoping for is a more efficient computer 'wafer,' capable of holding more information.

Once all that research and development begins at SUNYIT, scientists there will need to launder their work clothes in an atmosphere as clean as the one in which they hope to create this new standard in nanotechnology.

"In this room right here, you're probably looking at 500,000 particles in every cubic foot of air. In our clean room, there's 10. So, we just clean the heck out of the air to make sure that the product we're producing doesn't have any particles on it before we ship it to the customer," says V.P. for Clean Room Technologies Carol Jones.

Right now, Tri-State Industrial Laundries' closest nanotech client is in Albany. They're hoping a contract with the new R & D arm at SUNYIT would help them to grow, adding jobs.

Tri-State began in a garage in Utica in 1920, cleaning coveralls for railroad workers. Today, they employ 105 people at five northeast locations, 72 of whom work in Utica and Marcy. Their clientele is not limited to high-tech industries.

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