Trial begins for Rome man accused of harming 8-week-old daughter

By Hilary Lane

UTICA N.Y. (WKTV) -Opening arguments began Monday in the case against a 20-year-old Rome man accused of causing serious injury to his 8-week-old daughter.

Jonathon Greener is charged with 5 counts of assault in the second degree for allegedly fracturing 6 of the infant's bones.

The injuries to the baby happened from November 2011 to January 2012. At that time, the infant was taken out of the custody of both Greener and Brittany Hollinger, the live-in girlfriend and mother of the baby.

The 14 jury members listened intently as the prosecution and defense both gave their opening arguments in Oneida County Court.

The prosecution argued Greener was extremely rough with the baby, named Jaylee, on multiple occasions.

"Brittany will tell you around Christmas, she observed the defendant struggling with the baby and gets ahold of Jaylee's legs and throws them down like this. When he did that the baby cried and cried," said the prosecutor.

The defense argued just the opposite and said the baby could have some form of a brittle bone disease. However, doctors, still to this day, have not tested her.

It was also argued by the defense that Hollinger originally told police that Greener had never injured the baby, but then changed her story after she was interviewed by police on a later occasion.

"And finally they tell her straight out there is only one way you are going to get the baby back and that's if Jon is out of the picture," argued the defense. " And she says to them if Jon has to be out of the picture for me to get the baby back. That's what I'll do."

Witness testimony begins on Tuesday.

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