Trial moved to March for retired Trooper accused of shooting and killing man's pet dog in Trenton

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The retired New York State Trooper accused of shooting and killing another man's German Shepherd was in court on Wednesday, where his trial was adjourned and moved from a February start date to March.

Anthony Randazzo, of Holland Patent, has claimed self-defense in the shooting death of Bernard Sperfeld's dog, Shadow, at the Trenton Greenbelt Trails back in August.

Randazzo's attorney, Les Lewis, had previously asked Judge Barry Donalty to review the minutes of the case, paying special attention to one particular grand juror who talked at length about how people in the military are trained to handle dogs when they feel they're under attack.

Randazzo rejected a plea deal in early November that would have given him three years probation. Now, he will face a trial and the possibility of spending two years in state prison if convicted. He faces a felony-level animal cruelty charge. Besides the three years probation, the prosecution's plea offer included a $1,000 fine, restitution of $450 to Sperfeld for his veterinary bills, as well as an order of protection against Randazzo so that he could go no where near Bernard Sperfeld and finally, the forfeiture of Randazzo's pistol permit.

Sperfeld claims that Randazzo shot the three year old dog as part of a vendetta against him. Sperfeld says he had an argument with Randazzo's girlfriend in that very same area the night before, and the next night Sperfeld says she came to the park, this time with Randazzo.

Sperfeld says Randazzo was out of his vehicle and Randazzo's girlfriend was inside the vehicle, when Randazzo shot his dog for no reason from about 30 feet away. Randazzo has said he shot the dog in self defense, but Sperfeld says the dog posed no threat, and says it was an unprovoked attack that makes no sense, especially by a former police officer.

Sperfeld says that during the argument with Randazzo's girlfriend the night before, she threatened him by saying, "I've got connections, I've got connections. I'll take care of your dog and I'll take care of you."

Randazzo's trial was scheduled to begin February 14, but was adjourned until March.

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