Turbine proposal in Litchfield continues to draw criticism from both sides


LITCHFIELD, N.Y. (WKTV) - Albany-based energy company North Wind and Power wants to build a wind farm behind The Lanterns bar in Litchfield.

Company President Patrick Doyle says the plan is to build between eight to twelve turbines that would power up to 7,000 homes in the Litchfield area.

"...The benefits far outweigh the costs," said Doyle.

Harold Rasbach owns the land the turbines would be built on and has wanted to build turbines on the property for 10 years.

However, not all of his neighbors like the idea. Several community action groups have formed to keep the turbines out of town.

"These people want to tell me what to do with my land...I don't think it's fair," Rasbach said.

The Town of Litchfield is working on a law to regulate wind energy. The earliest any turbines could be built is 2012.

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