Twin Bridges Guard rail issue at center of Forestport meeting

FORESTPORT, N.Y. (WKTV)- The Forestport Town Board met Wednesday night to discuss the issue of guard rails on the newly reconstructed historic twin bridges.

The town's highway superintendent says old guard rails have been pulled down, meaning the bridge can not be crossed right now. Residents were hoping to have the project completed in time for the Forestport birthday celebration this weekend.

"Well, what we'd like to see, is for people to use those twin bridges to come into the village to see the falls and experience the Village of Forestport," said Parker Snead chairman of the twin bridge construction committee. "We want to do it before the Labor Day and get people used to coming in and driving across the twin bridge."

Snead said the board seemed to be trying to do everything they can to reopen the bridge as soon as possible.

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