Two local sisters ready to represent Team USA in karate


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Two Proctor High School students' dedication to karate is paying off. Ena and Tea Latic have been chosen to represent the United States in the Wold Karate Championships in Melbourne, Australia.

"To go over there and for the USA coach to say it's time to represent our country and just by saying that sentence, it's exciting," said Ena who's a junior at Proctor High School.

While Ena has competed in Japan and Italy before, it will be her younger sister Tea's first time at the games.

"Watching my sister is, she's so head on to it, she's determined to go on and face her goals and I just want to try to do what she does she's my role model," said Tea who is a sophomore.

After being born in Croatia the two have been practicing karate in Utica since they were 4 years old. Their coach and motivator, their dad who runs the city's Dragon Karate Club.

"When I was little my mom had her job, and my dad's job was running a karate school so he was sort of like my babysitter and as i was watching the other kids do it and my Dad do it I was like I want to get into this," said Ena.

They now practice for hours every day on top of their daily homework demands.
While they have had to sacrifice a little of their social lives to compete, they both say to them, it's worth it.

"I've been doing it for about ten years now," said Tea. "I love it, it's my life here."

The two coach karate with their father Sulejman Latic at Dragon Karate Club on Bleeker Street in Utica.

They will compete in Australia on May 9th to the 12th.

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