Two weeks before election, mayoral candidates attend forum in Utica

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. - Two weeks before voters in Utica will head to the polls to choose the next mayor-- a forum was held to get to know the candidates better.

It was held inside The Other Side on Genesee Street. About 50 people showed up to watch. Each candidate took five minutes at the beginning of the forum to introduce themselves to the audience, and then the candidates fielded questions from those in attendance. There are five candidates running on six different party lines. Here is a little of what each candidate had to say:

"I think my 25 years of experience are going to make it all come together now and we can pull all of that experience and be America's City of Utica and lead the city down the path it needs to go," said Michael Cerminaro (R).

Robert Cardillo (C,I) said, "What we need to do is to make sure our community grows and prospers. Our city went from when I grew up at about 100,000 people to where we are now at 60,000."

Green Party Candidate Robert Clemente said, "When we look at things differently, from an environmental perspective, from a green perspective-- we can create jobs, we can save money."

Robert Palmieri (D, WF) "When someone is asking me 'Are you a Republican or a Democrat?' We're Uticans. And I think at this point we are facing the most difficult times that we've ever faced in the history of Utica, New York."

Ernie Sanita of the Rainbow Party said, "Are we happy with $100 million dollars in debt that they've caused for us? Are we happy with the Friends and Family Plan? Are we happy with the made-up jobs that cost us over a million dollars? It's not right."

Hear much more from all five candidates live on NEWSChannel 2 next week during our 2011 Utica Mayoral Forum.

That's set for November 2nd, next Wednesday, during the Live at Five Newshour.

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