UC Athletic Director weighs in on Rutgers coach's alleged abuse


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Coaches across the country are expressing disappointment in the actions of Rutgers Men's basketball coach Mike Rice after a video surfaced showing him shoving and kicking players. Rice was fired Wednesday. Utica College's Athletic Director David Fontaine was shocked after seeing the video and says it reminded him to make it clear to UC's coaches that any similar behavior is unacceptable.

Fontaine says as soon as the video came out he sent an email out to all UC coaches and athletic department staff with a link to the video along with his notes saying that anything like that behavior is intolerable.

He says while he understands how coaches can get heated in practices or in games the line between training and going too far is clear.

"I think it is clearly defined you can be passionate, I think people use that word passionate but that doesn't give you an excuse to behave like the coach from Rutgers behaved," said Fontaine. "You cannot give me a situation where that's acceptable and we're talking about big time college basketball at Rutgers."

Fontaine says that while coaches do get excited and emotional, there's an expectation for them to keep that in check.

The athletic director says all Utica College players complete coach evaluations after each season and he frequently steps in on practices to make sure coaches are never taking things too far.

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