Public's help needed after extremely abused dogs found in East Utica

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Utica Police are looking for the public's help in finding who may be responsible for extreme animal abuse to two six month old dogs found in the city.

On Tuesday, around 9 a.m. Police and Animal Control were called to the area of Jay and Nichols Streets and Jay Streets and Pellettieri Ave for a dog left outside.

The officers located a black female Pitbull mix who was very emaciated. The dog was malnourished and showed other signs of abuse, police said.

After rescuing the dog, officers were approached by a concerned neighbor who said that she saw a dog that was very thin and injured. The officers soon learned that there was another dog who looked exactly the same and ran into a nearby house.

They found the dog hiding under a table in a house. The dog did not belong in the house and neighbors told police they have never seen the dogs before.

"When I came out this morning to take my wife to work, my wife called me to see on the side of the building there was a dog," said resident Jerry Mosley.

The second dog was just as sick as the first and from the dog's appearances and interaction with each other, they appeared to be sisters, authorities said.

"Our officers were able to corral the first dog and we were getting ready to leave and another neighbor came up and said that she saw another dog that looked like the first dog that ran into a house," said Sgt. Steve Hauck of the Utica Police Department.

The dogs are both said to be roughly six month old black Pitbull mix.

One had on a blue/red/black collar, and the other had on a "choke" collar.

Police said the dogs should be around 45-50 lbs, but when found weighed 23 lbs and 25 lbs, respectively.

Both dogs were taken to the Burrstone Animal Hospital where they will be cared for.

"They're about half the weight they should be they should be coming in at 45 to 50 pounds - they're at about 23 pounds," Kraus reiterated. "What you're seeing is total neglect. Those dogs have not seen any kind of regular food, nutrition, water - they're dehydrated. They've got open sores, they're flea infested, they're in very rough shape."

If the dogs can be treated and returned to a normal state, they will then be brought to the Stevens Swan Humane Society.

"We haven't seen the likes of their conditions in a while now," Kraus said. "we're hoping the vets are going to be able to turn that around and if they get well enough, we'll shelter them here and help to find them new homes."

If you have any information on who the owners of the dogs are, police are asking you to call 315-223-3500 or 315-735-3301 and ask that callers keep all calls relevant to this case.

Sgt. Steve Hauck of the Utica Police Department said they are working hard to find who is responsible for the horrible incident and appreciate any assistance and tips from the public.

"Animals don't have a voice," Mosley said. "We are the voice for them and to see the dog like that, its hurts me, breaks my heart."

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