Ukrainian Catholic Church vandalized


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The St. Volodymyr Ukrainian Catholic Church on Cottage Place in Utica is sporting some unwanted artwork, after police say a local teen spray painted obscenities on the steps of the church and on a sign promoting their most recent festival.

Anthony McConnell, an 18 year old from Utica is the alleged spray painter, and was caught after witnesses of the crime called police around three this afternoon. According to Sergeant Steven Hauck of the Utica Police Department, when officer's arrived on the scene they were sent in the supposed direction the perpetrator fled. They checked the neighborhood and located McConnell. While interviewing the individual, they found paint on his arms. Hauck also said that McConnell's story did not match up, " It's damage, it's not fun, no one enjoys it and it takes a lot to take that stuff off so it's not treated as a joke."

The pastor of the church, Reverend Michael Bundz thinks the alleged spray painter has something to do with last years vandalism, " In his message he doesn't like god and he wants to tell everyone he doesn't like god. The first time, he was almost got away with the damage... but this time he was caught."

Hauck said that aspect will be part of the investigation, " That's something we'll be looking at. Last time it was much worse. Probably because the person was caught today in the middle of doing what they were doing it scared them away so it could have been much worse."

The graffiti still has not been cleaned up but Rev. Michael Bundz said they will be cleaning sometime this week.


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