Undersheriff: Open door blamed for inmate escaping Oneida County Jail

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - The Oneida County Undersheriff has released details about how a prisoner managed to briefly escape from the county jail last week and what's being done to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Inmate John Santoro is at the Oneida County Jail while charges that he kidnapped and raped a women and held her captive move through the courts.
He's already had to wear protective netting over his face at times, as officials claim he has a tendency to spit at people.

Last week-officials say Santoro escaped from an open Rec. area at the jail. Undersheriff Robert Swienszkowski says there was a breach of security; that an access door in the Rec. area typically secured during inmate movement was left open.

That allowed Santoro to circumvent officers, climb a gate over a rooftop and finally leave jail grounds.

We're told disciplinary action against more than one jail employee is likely.

The state commission on corrections is investigating and will make recommendations regarding safety and procedure required by law.

Undersheriff Swienszkowski expects there will likely be changes in security at the jail as a result of the escape, he also says that inmate Santoro's classification has changed and his security has been tightened.

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