Animal advocate locks herself in hot car to highlight summer safety

By WKTV News

While temperatures topped out in the 70's Saturday, inside a hot car, they rose upward of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Kim Strong, the leader of Lainey's army locked herself inside a hot car with the windows rolled up to show what this could do to your pet.

We checked in with Strong in the afternoon.

She got into the vehicle at 10 a.m. and was able to stay in it until a little before noon. Her temperature was 102 degrees. The temperature in the car, was 125 degrees.

Then later in the afternoon, from noon until 12:50 p.m., Strong was not able to withstand more than an hour in the vehicle, and she even had the windows cracked to talk to our camera crews.

Last winter, strong tied herself up outside in frigid temperatures to highlight the importance of keeping our pets warm when it's cold outside.

Dr. Timothy Mathis was on-hand during the car lockup, to monitor Strong's temperature and monitor her health.

"This winter she tied herself out in the freezing cold and during the summer she wants to demonstrate to people why its important to not leave their dogs in vehicles," Mathis said.

Mathis said, in humans a temperature over 105 degrees could be deadly.

In pets, he says their fur coats, small body size and higher core temperature, puts them at even more of a disadvantage in a hot car.

A dog died last year in a hot car at the New York State Fair.

Strong said she did this because there are too many reports of dogs dying in hot cars, and she wanted to stop it from happening again, before summer began.

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