United Mine Workers Local 717 hit the streets for Herkimer County Legislator candidates


(WKTV) - Back in September the union which represents hundreds of workers at Remington Arms in Ilion, UMWA, endorsed several candidates for Herkimer County Legislator, on Sunday, they took their message door to door.

Compac Committee Chairman Frank 'Rusty' Brown says the union leaders are going to knock on the doors of each union member to ask them for their support in the voting booth for the candidates they say will help keep Remington jobs right where they are by opposing the New York S.A.F.E. Act.

In the first district, UMWA has endorsed: Marty Luppino, who opposes Gary Hartman; in the second district, the union supports Tom Powers, who is running against Helen Rose; the union endorsed Robert Schrader in the third legislative district; Bob Wellington has the UMWA endorsement over Robert Drumm in the fourth district; the union supports Raymond Johnson over Bridget McKinley in district five.

District six, John Stephens has the union's support over opponent David Murray; the union endorsed Peter Manno in district 10; Vincent Bono gets the UMWA nod over John Werczynski in district 11; Frederick Shaw gets the union endorsement in district 16 over Richard Souza; and in district 17, the UMWA supports Bruce Weakley over David Maxwell and Christine Shahin.

Brown says he believes a big majority of union workers are already in support of the candidates the union is supporting, "We have about an 85 to 90 percent voter block that union people vote with each other, so it's incredible."

When asked why the union leaders don't go to the homes of Herkimer County residents who are not union members, he said, "Well if we can get people to support us that are union, it's a really good  chance we can win an election."

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