United Way thanks community for donations in 2013

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Thanksgiving may be nine months away, but that didn't stop United Way for holding their own day of thanks, Thursday.

The non-profit organization went around Utica, showing their appreciation for everyone who donated to their cause in 2013.
Their major stop this year was "Adjuster's International," a business in Utica that gave $24,000 to the campaign, after the company decided to match its employees donations.
The company outdid itself by $21,000 for their highest previous donation, and had good reason to give back.
"This summer when we had the flooding, our company was deeply involved in that recovery as was United Way," said Ann Marie Rowlands, of Adjuster's International. "As a result we thought it was really important to bolster United Way this year, particularly because so many people lost everything."
The United Way visited a total of 10 businesses, Thursday, in addition to making phone calls to several others to say thanks.

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