Utica College pool water undergoing testing

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - Testing at the Utica College pool is now in progress after a dozen water polo players got sick over the weekend.

Eight schools from around the country were participating in the weekend's water polo meeting. Sunday's competition was called off as a result. The athletic director said this has never happened before.

Some players complained of nausea and other symptoms and the pool water started changing colors.

"It was a kind of a green shade," said Dave Fontaine, Utica College athletic director. "It's all cleared up now. We're still testing the water.

"Some people were experience some coughing, some burning eyes and things of that nature."

Utica College hopes to get the results of the tests before the end of the week. The Oneida County Health Department was at the school today, as well as Tarson Pool Supplies.

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