Utica College students attempt to freeze out cancer

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - A fraternity at Utica College has braved the elements in order to raise awareness for a good cause, Wednesday.
Members of the Alpha Chi Rho fraternity are camping out all week in the cold, in order to raise money and awareness for the American Cancer Society.
Some members of the fraternity have had personal experiences with cancer in their families, one of the many reasons that they hope they can raise attention to help fight the disease with the camp out.
"It makes more of a statement," said junior, Alexander Hodkinson. "Staying out here 24/7, it's a way to raise more donations and funds for the Cancer Society.
"Anyone can sit inside in the warmth. If you actually go outside for a couple days, it makes more of a statement to the community."
NEWSChannel 2 Meteorologist, Bill Kardas, paid a visit to the students to give them a heads up on the extremely low temperatures expected overnight. The participants understood the risks, and said that the cause was worth fighting the elements for.

The camp out will continue to run through Saturday afternoon. 

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