Utica Common Councilors discuss legislation to support Utica - Lake Placid Railway

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Utica's Common Council began discussing proposed legislation to support the Adirondack Scenic Railroad in their plans to ask the state to preserve the railroad from Utica to Lake Placid Wednesday.

The railroad tracks are still in place from when the Winter Olympics were held there back in 1980.

While some organizations feel the tracks should be torn up and turned into snowmobile or hiking trails, those with the railroad and many councilors feel restoring the line would better benefit the whole region.

"It brings people down to the railroad station we all know that from the programs they currently have and have been offering to the public with tourism trips to the Old Forge area, so this would expand it to Lake Placid and all stops along the way of the Adirondacks," said James Zecca Utica Councilman at large.

The councilors plan to discuss the legislation further Thursday, January 17th with the Public Works Transportation Committee. They hope members of the Adirondack Scenic Railroad Preservation Society and Scenic Railroad will come speak.

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