Utica DPW working hard to improve city road conditions

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Many local residents have been complaining about an increase in pot holes, and decrease in city road quality recently.
With more problems popping up around the city, on main roads such as Genesee St., the Utica Department of Public Works has begun taking notice and working to rectify the situation.
The first step, has been to place signs around hazardous areas warning drivers of potential bumps in the road, and advising them to slow down and take caution before risking injury or damage to their vehicles.
With the signs in place, the DPW has been putting up temporary "frost heaves" that will allow for a short term solution before the bigger problems are able to be fixed.
"Literally it's heaving the road up," said DPW Commissioner, Dave Short. "It's heaving the road up to create that bump for you."
With the cold and wintry weather still very much in the mix, officials said that it may be a while before a permanent fix is able to be made.

For more on the story, click on the video above with NEWSChannel 2's Gary Liberatore. 

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