Utica DPW working to spruce up city before Boilermaker weekend


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - With more than 40,000 people converging in the City of Utica this week for the Boilermaker Road Race, some housecleaning is underway.

Members of the city's Department of Public Works are hard at work, sweeping the course route and replacing some sections of pavement.

On Monday, DPW Commissioner Dave Short and the Codes Department took a final drive-through of the course and picked out some spots that need last minute patches.

Officials say the hardest part of getting ready are the repeat offenders.

"We'll go out and pick up waste, we'll go out and sweep up litter and the very next day. It's a constant cycle," Short said. "It's a repetitive process all the way to Saturday night. We'll be going around in circles, picking up over and over and over again."

Short says his crew will have everything set to go for this weekend.

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