Utica Mayoral Candidate Cardillo discusses plans for city

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - One of the candidates for Mayor of Utica laid out his plan for the city on Tuesday.

At a news conference Tuesday afternoon on North Genesee Street, Republican candidate Robert Cardillo said he plans to change the way the city operates - a plan that he says involves investing in each of Utica's neighborhoods.

Cardillo also wants to address the city's aging infrastructure, lower taxes and create jobs, all of which he said starts with what he calls "a good cleaning."

"My first goal is to make this city look better, feel better," Cardillo said. "My second goal is to unify people. We need to be a unified city. In order to do economic development, we need to work with our counterparts in the county and in the City of Rome and in Herkimer County to create opportunity."

Cardillo will primary City Comptroller Michael Cerminaro, who says he will lay out his own plan for Utica in the near future.

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