Utica Memorial Auditorium installing new lights, new seating


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Utica Memorial Auditorium is getting a $1 million facelift, including new energy efficient lights being installed to allow for different lighting levels based on the event.

"The Aud," as its commonly referred to, hosts hockey games, basketball games and concerts, among other community events. The upgrades include new seats that are replacing the old ones.

The entire process is not just a new look, as these replacement seats are expected to save thousands of dollars.

"They are 50 years old," said General Manager Will Berkheiser of the items. "They are showing their wear. The amount of time it takes to push them back in and push them back out for shows, sometimes it takes eight hours, a crew of 10 people. The new seating, it is automatic. It will take one man 45 minutes.

The last phase of the renovation is replacing the brick on the outside of the building, something that is still months away.

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