Utica Municipal Housing Authority reveals economic impact on city

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Utica Municipal Housing Authority presented its 5 year plan to Utica's Government and Education Committee Thursday night along with a review of their 2012 accomplishments. In 2012 they received $4 million in grants, money that they say then multiplied to benefit the city.

Dr. Taras Herbowy with the Municipal Housing Authority explained that for every dollar spent in Utica's muncipal housing, that in turn multiplies by 250 % to benefit the city.

Dr. Herbowy used the example of their construction of 69 homes for first time home owners and how all local contractors and local materials were used. However he says the economic success isn't just on building the homes, it's also in helping the people who now live in them.

"Who no longer rely upon any subsidies because they have to have a credit rating and have to be employed, and ensure mortgage fore closure prevention you've got individuals that are not only contributing to the tax base but virtually aren't eligible any longer to receive medicaid food stamps or housing subsidies," said Dr. Herbowy.

In turn also saving the city on those programs.

Dr. Herbowy says the Municipal Housing Authority will also continue their partnerships with local colleges to educate their clients, enabling more to become self sufficient and no longer rely on public housing.

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