Utica Police: Man goes for his gun during a traffic stop

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Utica Police say two of their officers were put in a very dangerous predicament Saturday night after making a traffic stop.

Police say the officers pulled over a vehicle at the intersection of Eagle Street and Park Avenue around 9:00 Saturday night.

Police say during the stop, the officers smelled burning marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. They say when they had the driver, 17 year old Bandr Alfalahi of Brinkerhoff Avenue exit the vehicle, one of the officers felt what appeared to be a handgun in Alfalahi's pocket.

When the officer went to retrieve the gun, he says Alfalahi attempted to put his own hand in the same pocket, and a struggle ensued.

That officer, with the help of his partner, were able to secure Alfalahi and also secure a loaded 22-caliber handgun that was found to have been been stolen.

Alfalahi is charged with criminal possession of stolen property, criminal possesion of a weapon, unlawful possession of marijuana and traffic violations.

A passenger, 24 year old Christopher Clark of James Street in Utica was charged with obstructing governmental administration.

Police also say members of Alfalahi's family somehow ended up at the scene and were shouting and threatening the officers, however, no other arrests were made.

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