Utica Police identify people in surveillance video

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) Utica Police say they have identified the people in the surveillance video they released to the media on Thursday.

At the time, police thought those people may have been involved in the attempted abduction of an 8 year old boy, but now they are not commenting on that part of the case.

On Thursday, Police asked the media to show the video where they say you can see three people arguing in front of a store on Genesee St., then two of the people get into a parked car and at one point they say an eight year old boy enters the picture, seems to speak with the people in the car, before he's pulled in.

The child manages to escape and police say that car then followed the child up Plant St..

This was around 7:00 Wednesday night.

Police say the child was safe, but police were looking for the public's help in finding the people in the video, and late Friday they say they identified those people, thanks to viewers and Facebook.

Right now though, police are not releasing any information other than stating that the investigation is on-going.

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