Utica Police putting the safety on shots fired outbreak

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - After roughly a shots fired call every other day for the month of June, Utica Police are cracking down on this potentially deadly problem in the city.  
The police chief says the incidents aren't random and isolated, but rather, many are related and retaliatory. 
"We have information and we believe they are. What happens with a lot of these shootings that the general public doesn't know-there's a small minority of people responsible for the large majority of these shots fired. We know most of the players involved. It's a matter of getting probable cause to be able to arrest them," says Police Chief Mark Williams.
Williams says the city is coming at the problem with money, manpower and muscle-this, from the federal government.  UPD has designated a gun intelligence officer, who will coordinate all shots fired cases and act as the point person for all gun intelligence.  The department also plans to prosecute these crimes federally, for longer, tougher sentences.  The police chief says many of these shootings are over image.
"A lot of these are over 'beefs', street credibility, being disrespected on the street."
The city is willing to put the public on the payroll to combat the problem. They will pay $500 to anyone who gives them information which enables them to get an illegally-possessed gun, used in a crime, off the street.  

You can call 520 0842.  The number was just activated on Friday and will be given to the gun intelligence officer over the weekend.  

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