Utica Rescue Mission provides turkey dinner for a thousand local residents

By Hilary Lane

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) Thanks to the Utica Rescue Mission, close to 1,000 people ate a hot Thanksgiving meal Thursday.

Organization representatives tell us the need is greater now than ever before.

"We believe economic times are still very hard for a lot of people out of work and some of the effects we are seeing in the economy are hitting home for a lot of folks," said Reverend Bill Dodge, Executive Director of the Rescue Mission.

One local father and son duo, feeling the brunt of the tough economy, said they are not only thankful for the turkey dinner with all of the fixings.

"You couldn't be grateful enough for the community and support," said William Newell of Utica. "Everyone gets involved. It's incredible."

Better than the warm meal, they say, is the warm atmosphere and the over 150 volunteers and staff members who pitch in to make it all possible.

All of the food for the meal was collected from local organizations and residents over the past few weeks.

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