Utica Rescue Mission shelters and feeds the needy during arctic blast


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Utica Rescue Mission have made a series of accommodations to support the influx of people needing shelter and food during the arctic blast in the Mohawk Valley. The shelter will not turn anyone away who knocks on its doors, and will continuously feed those in need.

Ernie Talerico, the Director of Operations at the Utica Rescue Mission said they expect more people throughout the winter months and that his staff is ready, willing and able to help anyone in need.

" Right now we're at capacity but we will always make room," Talerico said, "We partner with other organizations to get things going but if someone's not able to have shelter over their head tonight we will put them up to get out of cold, out of the elements and give them a warm place to stay for night."

The organization which normally houses 28 people has reached their max, 34. Talerico said this won't stop them from letting people in, to accommodate they will set up chairs or cots. They also partner with organizations such as local churches for further housing assistance.

Nicholas Vangorden, 20 of Little Falls said he doesn't know where he'd be without the Utica Rescue Mission, " I have gratitude if it wasn't for this place I'd be out in the snow right now. On a day like today I can't describe how bad it is out there it's hard enough to walk to the store let alone be outside at all."

The Utica Rescue Mission also provides food, drinks, educational activities and transitional housing.


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