Utica Schools anticipate additional cuts if sequester goes into effect


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - If Congress and the President do not act and automatic spending cuts go into effect March 1st cuts that will effect local school districts' funding. The Utica School District estimates they would lose between $600,000 to $800,000 if the sequester goes into effect, money they didn't plan on losing on top of next year's already tough budget.

The 2013 - 14 proposed budget is set to eliminate 88 positions within the Utica schools, 54 of those teachers. If the sequester goes into effect, District Business Official Maureen Albanese estimates at least ten more teachers needing to be cut.
What she says would be devastating to the district.

"It affects class size, class sizes will go up, they'll have to look at all the different areas and core courses and elementary schools and see where we can lay off another 10- 12 staff members, but now we're really getting into bare bones," said Albanese.

She says next year's budget for their already underfunded district did not include additional cuts. She says it's something they'll have to factor in their budget before the budget vote in May.

"You just look at it and think, how do they expect us to survive and how do we give our students what they deserve?" said Albanese.
"But we are waiting right now and keeping our fingers crossed that it won't happen."

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